Tips for Become an Actress

images (5)Has acting always been your passion? Does watching Hollywood flicks stir your soul? Do you always wish you could emulate your favorite leading lady? Do you have that burning desire to be renowned all around the world? Well, acting is not only a fantastic career, it is one that can propel you to great heights of fame and popularity. In fact, being a leading Hollywood actress and getting recognition for one’s talent is something every wannabe dreams about. There are times when women or men cannot handle the dizzying heights of success which sometimes even has a negative impact on their personal life. But, becoming an actress is no easy task if you don’t have a godfather in the film industry. Unless of course, you are the daughter of Hollywood’s snootiest and richest couple! For those women, who are struggling to get their first break, here are some tips on becoming an actress.

Essential Tips to Become a Successful Actress

Well, we all know that being an actress may not always require acting skills! However, being trained in this department will help you feel confident and learn the tricks

Learning Magic Tricks for Your Child

images (4)Although magicians spend years practicing advanced sleight of hand to perform some impossibly realistic magic tricks, learning magic for kids can be an easy and exciting task if done under proper and correct guidance. Kids are inquisitive and fast learners and so introducing them to such creative skills at a young age, will help them explore their hidden talents. Also, it is a far more productive and useful way of spending free time than just watching TV. Use this article as a guide to teach your kids a few of the simplest tricks.

Cut the Kings
In an ordinary poker deck, separate the aces and kings, and place the 4 aces on top of the pack. Place the kings on top of the aces so that they are now uppermost in the deck. Pick a volunteer from the audience and say something like: “It seems you can deal out a mean hand of cards! From this pack, deal out two piles, alternating cards”. Let the volunteer deal about half of the deck and then say: “You may stop anytime

Ways to Perform Pencil Tricks

efeWhether you want to impress your favorite niece, or are stuck in a boring meeting, doing pencil tricks is a good way of passing time. Some tricks are easy, while others are relatively hard to do. But with a little practice, you will be able to coordinate and twirl pencils with dexterity.

The Twist
Fold your hands and place them in front of you so that your fingers are pointing upwards. Now place a pencil horizontally in the webbed space between your thumbs and index fingers. Hold the pencil firmly in between your thumb and middle finger, turn the fingertips of your right hand away from your body and the fingertips of your left hand towards you. Now, move the right thumb in the space between the left thumb and index finger. As your hands turn, your right thumb will move across the back of your left thumb. Tilt your hands forward when the fingers of your left hand are pointing towards your body. The pencil will move to the starting position.

The Finger Roll
First hold a pencil in between your index and middle finger with your palms facing down.

Tips on Becoming a Good Ventriloquist

Here’s some other things you need to know about the art of ventriloquism.

➦ All men have an Adam’s apple. Just face that fact and wear the right kind of clothes to hide it. The best option would be to get used to the heat and wear a turtle-neck. Other options would be to wear a scarf, grow your hair, use make-up, turn your collar up and sit sideways. But all these options are more or less rejected for reasons too obvious to state.

➦ Elaborate your routine. Simple one-liners with you asking the question and the puppet answering with the punchline gets really old, really fast. That’s the truth of comedy in general, you always need to be original and innovate.
➦ Imagine ventriloquism as talking with a voice that comes from the belly. This will help you ease the load on the front of your mouth and the lips and help you control your throat and chest voice more.
➦ In all principles, singing is the same as talking, only with long and accentuated words. So it really is no big deal to make your puppet sing. It just takes a little extra practice.
➦ To

Ways to Become an Actor With No Experience

How to Become an Actor Without Experience?
What is acting really? They say it’s ‘make believe’, but I call it living an alternative reality. It lets you explore the various possibilities of what you could be. Just being your own self can be boring at times. Acting gives you an opportunity to be someone else for a while. It is voluntarily entering into the psyche of another personality and thinking according to a different set of values and constraints. It lets you explore the many parts of you, which you thought never existed. It lets you deeply explore what it means to be human. Some people dub theater as an experimental lab for psychology. I agree with them, but I consider it to be a ‘truth’ lab, where you explore the meaning of being human.

One of the best ways to begin your own acting studies is to start reading some good plays. Select your favorite role, from one of your favorite plays and prepare to act it out in front of an audience. To learn to act, you must act.

Understand Your Character Thoroughly

“With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it.

Tips for Overcome Speech Anxiety

The crowd it cheered for the prefect to come up on stage and announce the yearly academic prizes. As he straightened his tie to get up there on that hot morning, there was a sudden slumping noise and then commotion. The prefect had suffered a sunstroke and had fallen over. Water was brought and people bent over in trying to revive him. And I? I found myself with a huge wad of notes of the speech that he was going to deliver. Someone said I had to take over since I was next in line. But, the mere thought of going up on stage and making a speech in front of the chief guest, the dignitaries and 500 odd students was enough to turn my feet ice-cold, to make my heart race like a thousand horse hooves over the ground and for a general surreal feeling of being stuck in a vacuum to come about.

My speech anxiety had already caught up with me.

Identify with the feeling? Speech anxiety (Glossophobia) is one of the most common forms of anxiety that people suffer from, did you know? And what is rather incredulous to note is a study that shows that

Ways Develop Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking skills can help professionals express themselves in a better way, in front of a large audience. Apart from professionals, the importance of these skills for students cannot be ruled out either. Effective oratory techniques can help win the confidence of other people and ultimately benefit the speaker and his enterprise. Developing these skills has been a crucial factor in the success of powerful and influential people around the world.

Ways to Improve Public Speaking

Develop Your Language Skills
One of the most important steps is to develop your language skills. You should be good and fluent in speaking the language in which you will be interacting with the audience. Learning a language is a task which needs time and consistent efforts. It certainly cannot be accomplished in a day, being a cumulative process. Practice conversing in the language fluently, without fumbling and falling into very big pauses. You can also consider approaching a language teacher for the same.

Observe Great Speakers
A person can learn a lot if he has good observation skills. There are many people around you how have mastered the art of public speaking. You should minutely observe how they speak and

Tips and Techniques for Acting

We would all love to be famous, and acting is one such field which has made many people achieve fame and popularity. Now, the basic question is: Who can become a famous and successful actor? The answer to this question is, it is the one who works hard on improving his skills and is able to connect with his audience. Given below are some acting tips and tricks which will prove to be useful for all aspiring actors.

Understand the Script Thoroughly
Whether you wish to become a theater artist or a film artist, understanding the script is very important. You should sit with the directors, scriptwriters, and the producers of the film and discuss each and every aspect of the story of the film with them. While you are hearing the story, decide whether you like it, and try to judge whether the film made will be good enough. If yes, then you can go ahead with working in the film.

Be Serious About the Rehearsals
You should participate in the rehearsals, even though you are a very good actor, in order to deliver the best shot at the time of shooting of the film. Concentrate well

Get Your Child into Acting and Commercials

Do you feel your child has potential to become an actor? Is acting a passion for your child? Have mimicking and performing arts always attracted him/her more than academics? Do you really feel encouraging your child to become a model, or an actor, would prove a good decision for the future? If you have answered a yes to at least one of these questions, getting your child into acting makes sense.

Television can have a huge impact on a child’s mind; the charm and the lifestyle of actors and actresses have always kept kids hooked and wanting to be like their so-called television idols. Consequently we see many children, these days, aspiring to become actors. But, ‘should kids be encouraged to become actors’ will remain a debated question forever. The negatives of getting a child into acting are plenty, the most important being it hampers studies. Working at a young age can also put unnecessary pressure on the child. The other disadvantage is that there is no foolproof guarantee of success in the career as an actor. There are plenty of disadvantages associated with getting a child into acting. But since you have made up your mind to fulfill

Tips on Ways To Memorize Lines Quickly

The seemingly impossible task of memorizing lines, may take a toll on your mind. The anxiety kills you, and makes even the simplest lines slip out of your mind, but you should realize that, several days of rehearsals and practice make a great speech or play. Even the thespians and orators with a decade of experience, may sometimes find memorizing lines difficult, they might even forget their lines on the stage, but their confidence and charisma never makes the audience realize such blunders.

We all know how hard it is to learn our lines, the lack of time given to memorize the lines, makes things more difficult for us. Here are some tips that you can use to make things easy for you.

Character Key
Before you start your attempts to memorize, you should try and understand your character in the play. Understand what the character demands from you, and comprehend the emotions that you need to portray. This will help you understand your lines better, which will help you memorize the lines quickly.

Believe in Yourself
Many people just lose their spirit if they find a long monologue in their script. They just develop a prejudice that the

Card Tricks for Beginners

How to Do Easy Card Tricks for Beginners

Cool Card Trick
☞ Ask a person to think of any number from 1 to 10 and then let him shuffle the deck of cards.

☞ While shuffling the cards, ask the person to count down to the number he has thought of and then remember that particular card.

☞ While the person is counting cards, turn your back towards the person, so that you cannot see the card.

☞ After the person has memorized the card, take the deck from him and place it behind your back.

☞ Count off 19 cards, reversing their order and place them again on

Easy Card Trick

☞ Take a deck of card, and shuffle it thoroughly. You can also ask one of your spectators to do it.

☞ Now hold the deck so that the cards are facing the spectators and the back of the deck is towards you.

☞ Pull out the second card, third card and fourth card from the deck and hold them in a fan formation, and wedge them at the back of the deck.

☞ Allow the top card to remain in place so that the spectators do not know about this extra card.

☞ Display

Ways to Study Magic Tricks

Houdini, David Blaine, and Chris Angel have one thing in common. No, not just magic, but also the power to create an illusion. If you want to know magic tricks, then just read on and let the magical powers guide you to the world of magic and optical illusions.

Learn How to Do Magic Tricks
The first rule of a magician’s life is to practice a lot and to never disclose the secrets of a charmed life to any muggle. If you want to learn to do the tricks, don’t lose hope if you don’t succeed the first time. Take it as a test of your abilities. The next rule is to keep learning new tricks, start with the simple ones, but when you master them, upgrade to more sophisticated tricks. Before you learn how to perform the tricks, remember a magician must have a pokerface and should be able to draw the spectators under his spell. Learning tricks is quite easy; all you need is practice.

Card Tricks
Now that you have a coin trick up your sleeve, let’s try our hand at card tricks. This magic trick will make you skilled at mysteriously speaking to the cards. All

Acting Tips for Your Kid

With showbiz becoming a global industry, there has been a constant demand for actors. The obvious impact is that there has also been a considerable increase in the demand for child actors, who seem to be giving the producers a good run for their money. In such a scenario, it becomes absolutely necessary that the aspiring child actors learn some important tips and tricks that would help them improve their talent.

Acting is a great career for those who are interested, and of course talented. People aspiring to be successful actors in the future actually start nurturing their talent from childhood itself. With the rising demand for more and more child actors in different media of the showbiz industry, including theater, television, cinema and advertisements, nurturing this young talent has become even more essential. As children are not much aware of how the acting world works, it becomes the responsibility of the parents and mentors to train the child to act. Though some kids are experts in mimicking other actors as well as people they meet in their daily life, acting professionally is totally different.

There are numerous pros and cons of making children act at a very young age.

Ways to Start Drama Club at School

Drama is a great recreational activity which not only cultivates self-confidence in an individual, but also acts as a mode of self-expression. Starting a drama club at school is a great idea that can help build new friendships and strengthen the older ones. Plus, it can prove to be a great platform for like-minded people to come together, and create some really innovative and entertaining pieces of performing art. Here’s how you can start a drama club at your school.

Steps to Start a Drama Club

✿ Approach your friends, and find out if they are interested in joining the club. This way, you can judge if your idea will work in the long run. For a start, five to ten people is a good number.

✿ Make a rough plan about what activities you wish to do through the club. This is very important for convincing people to be a part of your drama club. Ensure that the activities that you plan for your club are meaningful and productive.

✿ Acquire necessary permissions from concerned authorities in your school. If no such club exists in your school, you can ask your school’s headmaster/mistress for permission to start

Stand Up Comedy Tips For You

Someone once said, “Laughter is the spark of the soul.”, and so, with a good comedy, one can burst into peals of non-stop laughter. In a stand up comedy, the comedian performs for a live audience. He communicates with them directly, and gears the show with his sense of humor. The performer is known as stand up comedian or comic. To make the show completely entertaining, the comedian has to be spontaneous and should possess every skill to make the audience laugh.


This type of entertainment has its roots in the late 19th century, in vaudeville, music halls, minstrel shows, etc. The most popular comedians of United States were Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Fred Allen, and Frank Fay. Such shows ruled not only in the US, but all over the world. And today, the most renowned comedian of this genre, Jerry Seinfeld, has been ruling the telly box. The art of making people laugh is indeed commendable.


To receive a handful of applause from your audience, you need to develop your skills to make people laugh continuously. Here are the tips for the same. Remember this quote, “If every word I said could make you laugh, I’d talk

Ways to Starting Your Own Comedy Club and Successful

Have you ever thought about opening a comedy club, but don’t know where to begin? Most people naively think that you need a good comedian to draw audiences, but really you need good audiences to draw good comedians. There are many common missteps and uncertainties along the path to making your club a staple of your city and have it operating profitably. Where some stray from the path, hold close these suggestions, for they will keep you on the road to success

First, what most people don’t realize about comedy clubs is that they don’t open huge. Since all you need for a comedy club is a stage, a microphone, a bar, and an audience, its easy to arrange a comedy “room” inside an existing bar or nightclub. This simple fact is great for someone just starting out: the start up costs are low as are the risks. You wont have to spend big bucks a new big screen television, or a fancy complicated sound system. Depending on the size of your city and the loyalty of your audience, your club might only have one performance a week.

Sometimes the population inst too familiar with

How to Become Best Comedian

Perception Of Comedy

Just a few years back especially in Africa, any child that makes the mistake of telling his or her parents he or she has chosen comedy as a profession can be rest assured of being taken to the nearest spiritual church for serious deliverance. And that might happen after the child must have been given what I choose to call “preliminary deliverance” by the parents. “Preliminary Deliverance” in most cases, consists of some good strokes of the cane or some other form of punitive measures such as “forced fasting sessions” meant to help clear your eyes of that devilish vision of yours. Same can be said for those aspiring to be footballers, singers, musicians and so on. Parents would always shout at you telling you to go and read your books and ensure that you pass your examinations and come out with a first class degree in whatever specialty you are studying in.

However these days, the opposite seems to be the case. It is not uncommon to have your parents tell you stuff like “Look at you! With all your degrees, you can’t even afford to look after yourself not to talk

Become Funny Around Girls

Humor is a quality women love. Girls like to laugh, and they appreciate a man that can make them laugh no matter what. Sometimes, it’s difficult to approach a girl and be funny off the fly. There are moments when you get so flustered that you might say something inappropriate rather than humorous. The following tips will make sure you never fumble again.

Slow Start
Do not jump on silly jokes immediately. First, try to build some rapport with them. Once the conversation starts, say something slightly humorous. Try to see their response and say things accordingly. This initial phase is very important. If you think they are responding to your jokes positively and naturally, then they are enjoying your company. If not, it’s a signal for you to leave.

Know the Girls Well
Before you attempt to approach girls, try to get to know them first. If you are in college and know the girls already, get to know what they like. Get a general idea about their background so that you can come up with relevant jokes. For example, smart girls appreciate smarter, more complicated jokes rather than a knock-knock joke.

No Offensive Jokes

Ways to Develop a Sense of Humor

What is it about being able to laugh at yourself and the way you look at the world? It is said that if you’re capable of laughing at yourself, there’s nothing or no one that can make you feel less of yourself. But is being able to develop a sense a humor limited to it? Or does it in fact, mean that you should be cracking jokes at yourself and/or your surroundings at all times? Funny thing about humor is that apart from making other people laugh, you find an opportunity to get familiar with the people around you. Whether these people are strangers or a group of people you work with on a daily basis, your sense of humor can break the ice and even bring the element of approachability to the table.

Developing a sense of humor isn’t just about being able to work in a friendly environment with your colleagues. Humor is built in each and everything we do in our lives. What matters the most is how we use it to our own advantage. Using humor around the people you’re with, you make a great company and a good friend. No one, even you wouldn’t

Tips on Getting Discounted Broadway Tickets

With premium tickets for Broadway musicals being sold between USD 100-200 and more, getting hold of discounted tickets is always a welcome change. There are some very reliable online ticket resources that offer substantial discounts and an opportunity to make the Broadway experience more worthwhile for buyers. However, booking online is not the only way you can buy comparatively cheaper Broadway tickets. This Buzzle guide discusses how to get cheap Broadway tickets.

Where to Get Discounted Broadway Tickets

TKTS Booth
The TDF (Theater Development Fund) operates three TKTS centers in New York City, which are located in Times Square, South Street Seaport, and Downtown Brooklyn. Although the best, waiting in line at the TKTS booth in Times Square is also the lengthiest way to get cheap Broadway tickets. This is the one place where you’re likely to find both travelers and New Yorkers waiting in line with equal anticipation. The downside of waiting at the TKTS boot is that, there is no guarantee that you will find the tickets to the show you wish to attend, which is why being more flexible about shows would work more in your favor. The center at Times Square Booth sells discounted tickets on