How to Become Best Comedian

Perception Of Comedy

Just a few years back especially in Africa, any child that makes the mistake of telling his or her parents he or she has chosen comedy as a profession can be rest assured of being taken to the nearest spiritual church for serious deliverance. And that might happen after the child must have been given what I choose to call “preliminary deliverance” by the parents. “Preliminary Deliverance” in most cases, consists of some good strokes of the cane or some other form of punitive measures such as “forced fasting sessions” meant to help clear your eyes of that devilish vision of yours. Same can be said for those aspiring to be footballers, singers, musicians and so on. Parents would always shout at you telling you to go and read your books and ensure that you pass your examinations and come out with a first class degree in whatever specialty you are studying in.

However these days, the opposite seems to be the case. It is not uncommon to have your parents tell you stuff like “Look at you! With all your degrees, you can’t even afford to look after yourself not to talk of looking after us.” Look at Mr. So and So is son who is just a comedian and yet he has just finished building mansion for his parents and even bought an SUV for them not to talk of his own properties. Are we going to eat degrees in this house? Can’t you also try out being a comedian or whatever else?

Present State Of The Comedy Industry

It is not a secret these days that comedians earn good money doing what they like doing best. That is not only in Europe and America, but now also in Africa. This profession has become a very profitable one to the extent that there are very few social events that do not incorporate comedians as part of the program for the occasion. Comedy has therefore become a popular profession and provides a lot of people their daily bread.

The question however is this: “How do you become a comedian since this is one of those professions that are not taught in any of our conventional institutions of learning?” How does an interested person become a Comedian? While some lucky people are born comedians, others just have to learn the art somehow. Those who are not gifted in this direction but wish to become comedians do so mainly because they see it as a source of employment and of making some money. This category of people will have to learn the trade in order to be able to practice it successfully. Difficult as that seems, it is not impossible once one is really interested as can be seen from a few comedians who started weakly but gradually developed their skills with time. How did they do that?

How To Train Yourself To Become A Comedian

There are a few ways of learning how to become a comedian.

Story Telling:

People who tell jokes can make a crowd laugh for a while but lose the attention of same crowd very quickly when they do so too often or tell same types of jokes. However, a person who is good at telling stories can hold his or her audience spell-bound for quite some time as long as the story has funny elements well embedded in it. Materials for such stories abound all around us in our daily interactions with people.

Observe Anomalies Around You:

A very observant person will be able to take note of the abnormalities that exist in his or her environment and use that in entertaining people. This can involve using absurd situations in a creative way to entertain people and bringing out the positives of a bad situation. A good example of that is the saying that “but for Noah’s carelessness, we would not have been having mosquitoes and Malaria today. All he needed to have done is to ensure there were no mosquitoes in the Ark.”


This act is usually seen in kids in class who are used to imitating and making fun of their teachers behind their backs. Imitation of certain acts on a regular basis can make one to actually become good at such things. It is therefore logical that those who imitate comedians especially at an early age eventually end up as comedians themselves.

Be Unique As Much As Possible:

Some people erroneously think they have to act in a particular way or like a particular popular comedian in order to be accepted by the audience. Nothing can be further than the truth. You are better off remaining yourself and developing your own style. Most audiences respect and appreciate originality. Like your stories or jokes, you need to be seen as being original.

I am sure there are a few other ways of training yourself to become a comedian but the ones mentioned above are those that readily come to mind when considering this topic. Anyone who is able to combine these four hints can surely be rest assured that he or she is on the way to becoming that next super comedian on the block.


Become Funny Around Girls

Humor is a quality women love. Girls like to laugh, and they appreciate a man that can make them laugh no matter what. Sometimes, it’s difficult to approach a girl and be funny off the fly. There are moments when you get so flustered that you might say something inappropriate rather than humorous. The following tips will make sure you never fumble again.

Slow Start
Do not jump on silly jokes immediately. First, try to build some rapport with them. Once the conversation starts, say something slightly humorous. Try to see their response and say things accordingly. This initial phase is very important. If you think they are responding to your jokes positively and naturally, then they are enjoying your company. If not, it’s a signal for you to leave.

Know the Girls Well
Before you attempt to approach girls, try to get to know them first. If you are in college and know the girls already, get to know what they like. Get a general idea about their background so that you can come up with relevant jokes. For example, smart girls appreciate smarter, more complicated jokes rather than a knock-knock joke.

No Offensive Jokes
Never make the girls uncomfortable by saying something about them or their family. For example, avoid making slapstick jokes about doctors if the girl is a doctor or is studying medicine; it may offend her. You can go for such jokes after few meetings when they know that you are just joking and have no intention to hurt their feelings.

Tell a Story
Merely telling a joke is not enough, creating the right atmosphere is very important. Sometimes the situation or joke is hilarious, but if you do not narrate it well, it becomes dull and sad. So, you must have a good sense of timing and good storytelling abilities. Perfect your delivery and you’ll have girls bursting with laughter.

Joke About Yourself
This is the best way to make the girls laugh aloud. Use some embarrassing and funny instances from your life to create jokes. This also shows the girls that you are very unpredictable, thrilling, and can handle embarrassing situations like a sport. This helps to bring them closer to you.

Prepare in Advance
Only thinking about how to be funny around women you like will not help you, you have to come up with creative jokes at unexpected times. If you cannot crack the smart impromptu jokes, then keep some funny quotes and sayings in mind so that you can use them whenever you need. You can direct the conversation to what relates to your preparation and use it accordingly. Get to know what girls like and what makes them laugh, and prepare the jokes in that way.

Be Yourself
This is one of the most crucial aspects. Be confident about yourself and about your jokes. If you are nervous, your jokes tend to reflect that. So, be cheerful and confident.

Body Language
Body language has immense power, it is more hilarious than verbal jokes. People can easily forget the jokes, but not the funny body movements. So try to make funny physical movements while cracking jokes. A funny dance with exaggerated movements will keep the girls laughing for a long time.

You can also use the tips if you are wondering how to be funny around friends. These tips will help you attract the attention of women and engage in good conversation with them. A guy with good sense of humor is always desired and admired by girls, so go ahead and have a hearty laugh.

Ways to Develop a Sense of Humor

What is it about being able to laugh at yourself and the way you look at the world? It is said that if you’re capable of laughing at yourself, there’s nothing or no one that can make you feel less of yourself. But is being able to develop a sense a humor limited to it? Or does it in fact, mean that you should be cracking jokes at yourself and/or your surroundings at all times? Funny thing about humor is that apart from making other people laugh, you find an opportunity to get familiar with the people around you. Whether these people are strangers or a group of people you work with on a daily basis, your sense of humor can break the ice and even bring the element of approachability to the table.

Developing a sense of humor isn’t just about being able to work in a friendly environment with your colleagues. Humor is built in each and everything we do in our lives. What matters the most is how we use it to our own advantage. Using humor around the people you’re with, you make a great company and a good friend. No one, even you wouldn’t like to stay around people who bring you down with their sob stories and not-so-pleasant attitude towards life. As it is, life is so short to be thinking and worrying of what could’ve been, or how things should turn out. Instead, we should concentrate more on how we can make our lives better and take in a direction where not only us, but others around us can also feel its sensation. And humor is one way to go about it. Which is why, this article gives you interesting suggestions on developing a sense of humor. Read on.

Acquire a Humorous Attitude

Laughter truly can be the best medicine for humankind because there simply isn’t any time or energy left in us to be dwindling in the past or the upcoming future. In order to know how to be a happy and successful person (in your personal and professional life), humor can be the first step towards it.

  • There is humor hidden in many life’s moments, so you use them in various settings. You can use anecdotes in a clever way that they can be related to everyday life.
  • Not always, but at appropriate occasions, do some pranks or practice some puns. Also, there is no rule that says you can’t try clichéd jokes to break the tension or bring in some giggles.
  • Keep in mind that humor is not supposed to be used to elaborate or exaggerate truths. Humor is not a means to tell lies to people just so they will like you more. Stick to the truth and you’re good to go.
  • Very rarely you will find a shy person having a great sense of (clever and witty) humor (although it can be possible in some cases). So speak up, be heard, and don’t shy away from an interesting conversation that can be charged tenfold with your creative touch. Humor can be used as a way to improve your communication skills.
  • A good way to learn the comic cues in a conversation is by watching intelligent comedy movies. There are many comedy movies that have funny punch lines and situations where a person has to think outside the box.
  • If you have friends that you find funny, or have a good sense of humor, hangout with them more often. You never know what will inspire you to make a few comic remarks of your own.
  • Don’t be mean or rude to someone while you’re cracking jokes or making someone laugh. Also, if and when someone is using you as a part of their jokes or puns, instead of getting offended, join them.
  • Last, but certainly not the least, you have to be open to life; open to laughter. Keep things light and if you’re taking things too seriously (when they’re not so intense), learn to let go.

Tips on Getting Discounted Broadway Tickets

With premium tickets for Broadway musicals being sold between USD 100-200 and more, getting hold of discounted tickets is always a welcome change. There are some very reliable online ticket resources that offer substantial discounts and an opportunity to make the Broadway experience more worthwhile for buyers. However, booking online is not the only way you can buy comparatively cheaper Broadway tickets. This Buzzle guide discusses how to get cheap Broadway tickets.

Where to Get Discounted Broadway Tickets

TKTS Booth
The TDF (Theater Development Fund) operates three TKTS centers in New York City, which are located in Times Square, South Street Seaport, and Downtown Brooklyn. Although the best, waiting in line at the TKTS booth in Times Square is also the lengthiest way to get cheap Broadway tickets. This is the one place where you’re likely to find both travelers and New Yorkers waiting in line with equal anticipation. The downside of waiting at the TKTS boot is that, there is no guarantee that you will find the tickets to the show you wish to attend, which is why being more flexible about shows would work more in your favor. The center at Times Square Booth sells discounted tickets on day-of-performance basis. Avoid Window #1, as they sell tickets on full-price for all same-day shows that have no discounts to offer. For discounted tickets for matinée and same-day evening performances, head to the South Street Seaport Booth or the Downtown Brooklyn Booth.

Broadway Concierge & Ticket Center
The Broadway League Concierge and Ticket Center offers discounted tickets for same-day, premium, and advance shows. Those looking for a safe alternative to get tickets can call CTC’s customer service to make inquiries, or visit their Broadway Concierge & Ticket center outlet in Times Square Visitor Center and Mini-Museum on 7th Avenue. Their staff is trained to provide general Broadway information to customers in six languages, and help them buy regular and premium Broadway and off-Broadway show tickets along with concierge service.

Audience Rewards
The Audience Reward program is America’s first such program for arts and Broadway. Its main objective is to provide theatergoers with bonus points which can be availed to save money while buying tickets. This program also lets theatergoers earn free tickets, win Broadway merchandise, and upgrade seats.

Contact Theater Box Offices

Those looking to catch a specific show, should consider calling theater box offices a day in advance. The reason being, individual theater box offices sometimes keep rush tickets and lotteries, and have Standing Room Only (SRO) for students and theatergoers on a tight budget. Rush tickets are meant for hard-to-sell seats and often offer deep discounts, wherein the tickets are sold at as low as USD 20.

Authorized Broadway Ticket Vendor Websites

Playbill asks for a free membership with the Playbill Club, wherein theatergoers can order online for tickets, call their ticketing agents, or present a printout of their Club page at the theater box office to avail discounts on their ticket. These discounts can vary from 10-50 % on several Broadway and Off-Broadway shows.

In their ‘Offers’ category on their website, Broadway has options for ‘Last Minute Ticket’ wherein, customers can buy tickets for same-day or night shows. However, these deals are posted only in the morning at 10:00 a.m – 4:30 p.m everyday and may run out quickly. The next best alternative is to call their customer service providers for information on up-to-date deals.

BroadwayBox has been offering the best discounts for Broadway shows, plays, and musicals in New York City since 2001. This venture began in the aftermath of September 11 attacks, as a way to ease the hearts of the people of NYC. This website does not require users to sign in, and thus, makes the ticket buying experience extremely easy and hassle free.

TheaterMania was founded in 1999, and has since become one of the go-to online resources for Broadway tickets. They provide special offers and ticketing services to their subscribers. This website also offers great discounts that range from 20-71%! It is indeed very rare to find such deep discounts on Broadway tickets anywhere else on the web.

Non Broadway-specific Ticket Websites

Although not specific to Broadway, here is a list of some websites that offer Broadway tickets at substantial discounts.

  • Ticketmaster
  • StubHub
  • CheapTickets
  • Telecharge

With so many online resources to get the best deal on Broadway tickets, theatergoers such as you should find it easier to save on tickets. Make the best of their offers and book ahead in time, just to be on the safer side.