Tips on Becoming a Good Ventriloquist

Here’s some other things you need to know about the art of ventriloquism.

➦ All men have an Adam’s apple. Just face that fact and wear the right kind of clothes to hide it. The best option would be to get used to the heat and wear a turtle-neck. Other options would be to wear a scarf, grow your hair, use make-up, turn your collar up and sit sideways. But all these options are more or less rejected for reasons too obvious to state.

➦ Elaborate your routine. Simple one-liners with you asking the question and the puppet answering with the punchline gets really old, really fast. That’s the truth of comedy in general, you always need to be original and innovate.
➦ Imagine ventriloquism as talking with a voice that comes from the belly. This will help you ease the load on the front of your mouth and the lips and help you control your throat and chest voice more.
➦ In all principles, singing is the same as talking, only with long and accentuated words. So it really is no big deal to make your puppet sing. It just takes a little extra practice.
➦ To the audience, it would help if you make them believe the puppet as more of a human being than a puppet. This is the harder part and you really need to work on controlling the puppet to the fullest. It will take time and patience.
Like I said, being a ventriloquist is very tough. You need to put in hours of practice and even if you do, you will be criticized for old, unoriginal jokes or a repetitive act. Climbing the ladder up to comic success is not for the faint of heart. So steel your resolve, put your hand up that puppet’s butt and make people laugh!